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Butterflies present such a wonderful opportunity to help instill a love of the natural world in our children. These beautiful creatures are easy to adore! They are magical in their transformation from one stage to the next, and they inspire change.

There are plenty of butterfly gifts out there, but finding ones that are educational, high quality, or unique is a bit of a challenge. That's why we put together this list of our top finds for butterfly gifts for kids. These products are great for the butterfly-lover in your family.

Best Butterfly Gifts
for kids

Large Paper Hanging Butterflies

These gorgeous, giant paper butterflies will be sure to bring a huge smile! The six butterflies in this collection have wing spans that measure 10"-17" and can be printed on one or two sides, depending on how you will display them. The artist also has a huge selection of other butterflies in lots of sizes, so be sure to check out her shop.

Butterfly Sensory Kit

Encourage imaginative play while exploring the life cycle of the butterfly! This kit includes buttery-soft sensory dough infused with essential oils chosen for their calming and relaxing properties. Every child loves the magic of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, they will love this kit too!

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Puppet

This is one of our all-time favorites! This incredible puppet transforms from a caterpillar to chrysalis to adult butterfly! Utilize the zippers to tuck and reveal one stage to the next and watch life unfold before your eyes! Once the transformation is complete, insert your hands into the monarch wings to cause a flutter with your friends. It's made by Folkmanis, a company known for its quality. It makes a wonderful teaching tool and kids just love playing with it.

This is a wonderful book not just to learn how to raise butterflies, but also to learn more about monarchs and the conservation efforts needed to help their populations. Learn great tips on how to find eggs, raise your caterpillars, and release them back into the wild - maybe even in your own butterfly garden that you've enhanced through information from this book! It's a great gift for butterfly-lovers of any age, really.

These pop-up cages are the best! It's a wonderful habitat for getting an up-close view of butterflies, or other critters too. It can hang or sit on a flat surface, and it collapses for very easy storage. The net is collapsible too! These are the best tools to encourage your little one to explore the outdoors without harming any creatures.

Butterfly Wings Costume Set

We all wish we could fly, and with this flowy butterfly costume, kids can spread their wings pretend! The set comes with the butterfly cape, soft faux fur plush antennae on a comfort headband, and face decals that easily peel on and off. Fits most children from 4 to 10 years old.

Live Butterfly Kit

There is no better way to learn about the butterfly life cycle than with this live butterfly kit. It includes 5 live caterpillars or a certificate for them to be sent later, butterfly habitat, water mister, butterfly feeder, sugar, sugar water dropper, coloring page, and instructions. After you release your butterflies, the cage can be reused for more butterflies, or other critters you want to get a close-up view of!

Melissa & Doug Butterfly Chair

Your child will be relaxing and chilling in this adorable, brightly-colored butterfly chair! They will always have their drink within easy reach with the convenient cup holder. It's easy to open and close, and comes with a matching carry bag. Enough to make them feel all grown up!

This amazing night light portrays a realistic flapping butterfly! It creates a warm, calming atmosphere for kids to fall asleep to. It has an internal rechargeable battery, or you can plug in the included micro USB cord. It turns itself off after 8 hours.

This beautiful butterfly raincoat will make any kid feel super stylish! Great for wind, rain, and chilly weather, this rain coat is fully lined with a comfortable cotton material. You can also make it a set with matching butterfly rain boots and butterfly umbrella (click these links or see the raincoat's "Buy it with" suggestion for the set).

Kids will love this beautiful 500-piece butterfly puzzle as they watch their butterfly scene slowly come together. They'll be excited to finish, because then they can turn off the lights and watch it glow in the dark. That's when the puzzle will reveal some hidden caterpillars and other secrets! Measures 20" x 20".

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