Lady Bug House Instructions

by Austin & Martha Quinn

1806 Vinton
Royal Oak, MI 48067-1033

  1. Purchase 1" x 6" x (whatever you desire: Must be at least 3') wood piece.
    (actual size for 1"x6" is 3/4"x51/2")
  2. Cut all pieces one at a time to allow for kerf.
  3. Edge top and sand all pieces.
  4. Use washers in front to allow pivoting for twigs, lady bugs, and cleaning. (may have to be screwed shut later)
  5. Paint or seal with exterior paint.
  6. Decorate with your choice of décor (Lady Bugs preferred).
  7. Attach to pole and place into garden area. The lady bug house should be 1-2 feet from ground. (Avoid rain damage)

Birds are unlikely to get into the lady bug house. The space between the base and the front should only be 3/4" and the space between the top and the front should only be 1".

Click on the image below for the measurement diagrams:
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