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Alberta Butterflies

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C. D. Bird
G.J. Hilchie
N.G. Kondla
E.M. Pike
F.A.H. Sperling

The Provincial Museum of Alberta

Introductory Chapters include:

Alberta Bufferflies is the first comprehensive guide and reference to the butterflies of the province. Life-size colour photographs complement the descriptions of every species and subspecies of butterfly known or expected to occur in Alberta. Full colour pictorial keys assist the novice and expert alike in identifying any butterflies encountered in the province. Each species account includes habitat requirements, life history, and distribution information. Colour maps illustrate species ranges in North America and confirmed records from Alberta. The main flight periods as well as earliest and latest flight records are illustrated graphically for quick reference. A section on etymology describes the origin of the sometimes ponderous scientific names of each species.

The introductory chapter will be of particular value to those new to the study of butterflies. General information is provided on butterfly anatomy and biology as well as tips on observing, capturing and studying these spectacular insects. A comprehensive list of plants, which can be cultivated to attract specific butterfly species, is included to help you create a butterfly garden in your backyard.

A Complete Information Source

Species accounts provide diagnostic identification features, life history, range and habitat, main flight period with earliest and latest collection records, ink illustrations of many larval food plants, and colour distribution maps. These maps illustrate collection localities in Alberta and ranges in North America.

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