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Cypress Gardens
Winter Haven, FL, USA
visited by Laura DeCarlo, Beauty-Fly Labs

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Living in Florida, I have been to Cypress Gardens too many times to count. But, when I heard they now had a butterfly aviary, I could not wait to go. Finally, on July 4th I had an opportunity to visit. I toured the park, trying to hold back my enthusiasm to visit the butterflies.

Finally, when the time had come, I could not be restrained.

First of all, the aviary is beautiful, even from the outside. A gorgeous glass structure with delicate copper butterfly statues perched around the opening. Once inside, you enter a winding path leading through a feast of fluttering butterflies.

Large Tree Nymph
I was thrilled by the brilliant green of the Tailed Jay, the bright orange and black of the Mechanitis Ithomiine and the gorgeous white and black White Tree Nymph.

The aviary also has a tranquil waterfall, benches for relaxing and soaking in the sights and wonderful emergence boards with butterfly chrysalis from countries such as Trinidad and Malaysia.

Once you leave, don't forget to visit the outdoor butterfly garden to enjoy the sights.

All photos © Copyright 1998 Laura DeCarlo.

To learn more about Cypress Gardens' butterfly exhibit, visit their website.

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