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Butterfly World
Miami, FL, USA
visited by Laura DeCarlo, Beauty-Fly Labs

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Don't have the money to travel the world in search of exotic butterflies? Well, you don't have to! Thanks to Butterfly World in Miami, Florida, many of the more popular species are right here under one roof. You can expect to see up to fifty species originating from five continents at any given time.

Over the course of the year, they have approximately 150 species in the aviary, giving you plenty of excuses to visit again.

Expect to be stunned, thrilled and spiritually moved throughout your exploration. It will be easy to forget you are in an enclosure and rather, in the midst of a beautiful tropical forest. The aviary has a cave, misting rainshowers, hanging baskets, butterfly emergence cages, koi ponds and lush, lush foliage and flowers.

Blue Morpho
But the butterflies are truly the main attraction here. On each of my visits I have been awed by the sight of gorgeous Blue Morphos from Costa Rica, The Isabella from Trinidad and The Common Rose from Malaysia (to name a few). And although not a butterfly, I cannot neglect mentioning the monstrous Cecropia Moths, which measure from 4.3 to 5.9 inches.

No matter how much you are enjoying yourself, you will want to move on to the other parts of the tour. You won't want to miss the laboratory with all it's munching caterpillars, the secret garden (see one of the largest collections of flowering Passion Vines in the world), the suspension bridge, gift shop and butterfly gardening plant shop. Save your pennies, because there is so much to buy for gifts, home and garden. It's a great resource for those hard-to-find host plants like wild lime, dutchman's pipe and many types of passiflora.

All photos © Copyright 1998 Laura DeCarlo.

To learn more about Butterfly World, visit their website.

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