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Field Trip - Butterfly World, Coconut Creek, Florida
Susan C. Allie: October 24, 1998

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Butterfly World's own species: Piano KeyButterfly World is one of my very favorite places to visit. It is butterfly heaven to me. Whenever my husband and I are in the area of Coconut Creek, Florida, a visit there is a priority. Located just north of Fort Lauderdale, the exhibit is inside of Tradewinds Park. Exotic butterflies, dazzling hummingbirds and gorgeous gardens are among the many sights to captivate the eyes. They have even developed their own butterfly species, "piano key".

What could be more enticing to a butterfly than a plate full of flowers?My first stop was to the breeding laboratory. Guests may view many species of butterfly eggs and caterpillars in various stages. Then one proceeds through one of three screen-enclosed aviaries and your senses are tantilized by the fragrant aromas of the flowering blossoms and watching the fluttering of butterfly wings that seem to match the beat of the classical music. Benches are nicely tucked away where visitors can linger and enjoy.

Next is a viewing area for the chrysalids located near a wall of blooming hanging baskets just waiting for the butterflies to emerge. The butterflies also can enjoy a rainforest environment that includes a cave (the owl butterflies love it here) and a cooling mist.

Here's a replica of a real suspension bridge.After one leaves this area, you can cross the suspension bridge, a copy of a real one, to reach "Jewel of the Sky" aviary, which is filled with hummingbirds, yellow-legged honeycreepers, and other small birds.

LorikeetHere's a visitor feeding a Lorikeet.A new exhibit this year is "the Lorikeet Encounter". One can have their picture taken holding or feeding the rainbow colored "clowns of the bird world", the lorikeets.

Mounted exhibits of exotic butterflies, moths, and many unusual insects fill an interesting museum and insectarium.

Richard, my husband, is enjoying one of the hanging vines.A passiflora that was one of many in the hanging vine garden.The outside gardens are just as inviting. An English rose garden and a hanging vine garden, containing passion vines, allure you through their maze.

Visitors can purchase plants for their own gardens in the plant shop. There is also a very nice souvenir shop.

Visiting here is addicting. You will have many memories enticing you to keep coming back.

Below are some photos of my trip. I hope that you enjoy them.

Blue Clipper

Giant Atlas Moth - the World's largest moth in overall size

White Tree Nymph

A hummingbird resting

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