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Peggy Wood: September 9, 1998

I just recently went on vacation to see a friend in Florida. While I was there, we went to Cypress Gardens. I really enjoyed the day looking at the beautiful water fountains and falls.

We spent some time in the beautiful butterfly garden. There were quite a few butterflies I had never seen before. My favorite was the owl butterfly. I really don't know much about it, but I do enjoy the beauty of it. I also learned how to make a sweet tray, in order to attract butterflies to my garden.

It was well worth the visit to see Cypress Gardens. Due to the hot days and humidity, the flowers were not as brilliant, but they attracted many butterflies!

Below are some photos of my trip to Cypress Gardens. I hope that you enjoy them.

This is the owl butterfly. I love the eye on the wing.

Here is the sweet tray made from a bird bath.

This is the sky-view of the bird and butterfly garden center. These grounds are really spectacular!

Say "hello" to the nice people.
They have these types of beautiful greenery displays set up all around the area.

Here is another fine example of the natural art in perfect surroundings. They look so peaceful -- Let's not bother them.

This is a banana tree. It seems quite interesting.

Do you want to learn about the sausage tree? "This unique tree was given the name 'Sausage Tree' because its fruit, which holds 10 to 15 pounds of water, resembles a sausage. The fruit is used in making alcoholic beverages and is an ingredient in external medicines. Grown as an oddity, the tree depends on bats to pollinate its nocturnal flowers."

The sausage tree looks very different than most other trees in the area.

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