United States Bird Checklists

This document is provided as a means of accessing the data base of bird checklists maintained by the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center.

The data base offers bird checklists that indicate the seasonal occurrence of birds in state, federal, and private management areas, nature preserves, and other areas of special interest in the United States.

These checklists can serve several purposes:

Acknowledgments: We gratefully acknowledge the efforts and dedication of the many birders, birding groups, biologists, and resource managers who developed these checklists.

Invitation: We encourage others to make their checklists available on this home page. If you have a checklist that your organization would like served here, or for further information, please contact:

     Lawrence D. Igl
     Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
     8711 37th Street SE
     Jamestown, ND  58401

This resource should be cited as:
Igl, Larry.  1996.  Bird Checklists of the United States.  Jamestown, 
     ND:  Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Home Page.
     (Version 02JAN98).

Western States

Great Plains States

Eastern States


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