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Gardening - Help the kids put down roots in the garden   by Norman Winter   - (l;ouisville, KY)  1/21/11 With the New Year here and resolutions running amok, why not add to the list to get the kids or grandkids out in the garden more in 2011? It may not be as hard competing with video games as you imagine.
How To Attract Birds And Butterflies Using Garden Planters   by Scott Gray   -  June 2009 Attracting birds and butterflies to your outdoor living space is not difficult to do if you welcome them with a long-term source of food, water, and a place of safety.
Make a Difference for Wildlife in Your Garden - UK Wildlife     - BBC - Science and Nature Make a difference for garden wildlife. Find out how you can create space for nature living in your back yard.
Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat     - National Wildlife Federation Once your habitat is certified by NWF, you can order and display an attractive Certified Wildlife Habitat sign to convey your commitment to wildlife conservation and the environment, and help you spread the word to your neighbors.
Environmental Enhancement with Ornamentals: Butterfly Gardening   by Mel Garber, Extension Horticulturist   - University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Ornamental plants provide homeowners the means to improve their local environment in many ways. Generally, all that is required is a knowledge of appropriate plant varieties and how to utilize them in the landscape. Butterfly populations can be greatly enhanced by devoting a portion of the landscape to butterfly habitat. In addition, to their natural beauty, butterflies serve as valuable plant pollinators.
Butterfly Gardening in Texas     - Texas Agricultural Extension Service Butterfly gardening is a fun, educational way to enjoy nature’s most abundant form of wildlife - insects! A basic understanding of the life history of butterflies, their food needs and the plants that provide these is all you need to plan and grow a garden suited for butterflies. Butterfly gardening requires some knowledge of local butterfly species, flowers that are attractive to nectar-feeding adults, and host plants for the developing caterpillars.
Butterfly Gardening     - Wikipedia Butterfly gardening is a growing school of gardening, specifically wildlife gardening, that is aimed at creating an environment that attracts butterflies, as well as certain moths.
Butterfly Gardening in Florida Gardens     -  June 3, 2008 Butterflies are like flowers floating in the air. To make your garden inviting to them means adding a certain magic to your special backyard paradise.
Butterfly Gardening in Wisconsin     - Southern Wisconsin Butterfly Association Butterfly gardening adds beauty to your yard and provides habitat for butterflies. Much critical butterfly habitat has been lost, so any butterfly-friendly terrain we provide as gardeners can help many species survive.
Butterfly Gardening in the Washington DC Area     - Washington Area Butterfly Club This guide was created specifically for beginning gardeners in the D.C. Metro area. It incorporates and expands upon the lists below, explaining what you need to know in order to successfully attract butterflies to your yard or balcony.
How to Make Butterfly Gardens   by Stephanie Bailey   - Univ of Kentucky College of Agriculture  Nov 16, 2007 Different species of butterflies have different preferences of nectar, in both colors and tastes. A wide variety of food plants will give the greatest diversity of visitors. Try staggering wild and cultivated plants, as well as blooming times of the day and year. Groups of the same plants will be easier for butterflies to see than singly planted flowers.
Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Water Garden     - Project Wildlife Water is life. It is indispensable to all of earth’s plants and animals. With a little effort and space, you can add the magic of water to your personal landscape, in the form of a pond or a container, and then watch as a community of backyard wildlife develops.
How to Make a Toad House     - Project Wildlife A simple way to welcome one of these homely, but lovable gardener’s friends is to make a toad house. (This is a great project for kids!)
Protecting Your Bird Feeders from Pests and Predators     - Project Wildlife When you start feeding birds in your yard, expect some unwanted guests. Many species of birds and mammals enjoy not only the seed you are providing, but sometimes even the songbirds you are trying to feed.
Transforming a Lawn into a Landscape     - Project Wildlife Lawns fill the American landscape. They are where we play, relax, and enjoy a personal piece of nature. But there's a price tag on the traditional carpet of grass. Lawns reduce the habitat available to wildlife.
A Backyard Sanctuary on a Budget     - Project Wildlife
Create a Butterfly Habitat     - Project Wildlife Many butterfly feeding and breeding grounds have been destroyed because of pesticides and the construction of housing and shopping centers. So creating a butterfly garden will not only attract these beautiful winged creatures to your yard, but can help them flourish again.
Recipes for Feeding Wildlife     - Project Wildlife Suet, oat cakes
Basic Habitat Plan     - Project Wildlife Creating a backyard wildlife sanctuary doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of time, money or effort. Just keep some basic ideas in mind and you will attract a wide variety of wild birds and mammals for years of enjoyment.
Attracting Birds to Your Yard     - Project Wildlife To attract birds to your yard, you must provide water, food and shelter. To entice them to stay, you must also provide a fourth thing - a safe place to raise their young.
Heating A Winter Hummingbird Feeder To Attract And Feed Hummers     - Hummer/Bird Study Group
Our Favorite Plants To Attract And Feed Hummers     - Hummer/Bird Study Group
Attracting Hummingbirds     - Hummer/Bird Study Group Hummingbirds have excellent eyesight and have great fidelity to established feeding stops along their migration route. Attracting hummers to your yard will require a bright splash of color.
The Fun of Feeding and Watching Hummingbirds   by Shane Harris
Enthusiastic Gardeners Create Hummer Haven   by Norman Winter   - Mississippi State University Extension Service  5/6/98

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